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Importance of the Drug Test During Employment Background Screening Human capital is fundamental in any business activity. There is n business without human capital. Even with extensive physical capital outlay, the business requires high level of human capital. Firms are fully aware of this and want to capitalize by recruiting only the best labor force. Thus, employment background screening has become an integral part of recruiting human capital. Employment background checking helps the company keep its team unpolluted with bad traits by hiring employees who have a reputable history of ethics and integrity. It is for good reason that drug testing has been incorporated to employment background screening. This article explains why you would require your potential candidates to go for voluntary drug testing. Drugged employees will show behaviors that are not right for business activities. They are not suited to attend to customers as they are highly irritable. There are times when customers won’t come to buy but to complain about your service or products. Such a drugged attendant will easily become irritated and serve the customer with rudeness. This will not be good for your business as this will result to lost goodwill of the customer and bad public image.Any company would wish customer complaints to be handled professionally and soberly. People who are using drugs are more violent than those without. Such people will constantly be at logger’s heads with their sensors. If they are seniors, they may become a hell for the juniors. There are times when a talented junior will choose to leave the job rather than earn under such conditions. Consequently, your firm losses skills that would have elevated it to another level. Such individual can even be violent with their tools. They can easily harm an employee when they use the tools. The least they can do is to damage these tools through mishandling.
The Beginner’s Guide to Screening
Drug controlled employees tend to live far from real world. They can even go beyond the necessary levels of an activity or do something contrary to the expectation. Since drugs impair judgment, it is not suitable to let a drug controlled employee to hold a decision-making post. Sometimes, they are absent-minded and can easily forget what they were doing Just imagine a situation in which an attendant who is selling to a customer suddenly withdrawals and moves out without completing the deal. You will have lost business as well as frustrate your customer. The productivity of employee which are controlled by substance is below the required levels.
The Beginner’s Guide to Screening
Bearing in mind that you want to promote your business interest, hiring drug screen employee is prudent. Contact them for a brief description of your needs.