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The Many Advantages of Natural Vision Therapy

Natural vision therapy may not be as popular as the other types of vision therapies in the market, but it is slowly climbing up the ladder. This is understandable because oftentimes ophthalmologists and optometrists solely rely on corrective surgery, contact lenses, and glasses instead of taking a holistic approach.

You must bear in mind that whatever is greatly influencing your eye sight is also the one that is influencing your entire body. Your body is in need of adequate rest, regular movement, nourishment, and water. Your eyes are also in need of the things that your body requires.

When you do not drink the right amount of water, then your eyes will become dry and your sense of sight will decline. Your eyes even become more dehydrated if you are constantly using electric-operated equipment with the likes of mobile devices as well as computer screens. Consistent use of computers means that you have to consistently replenish the fluids of your body that were lost. Now successful rehydration is only made possible by drinking plain water.
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When you talk about natural vision therapy, one of the most holistic approaches would have to be utilizing dietary supplements. It does not matter if you think that your current diet is healthy because with the right dietary supplementation you are sure to get several of its benefits. The common antioxidant vitamins E, C, and A are some of the essential nutrients when it comes to eye care.
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Other essential nutrients may not be as common, especially for the usual Western diet. Your eyes greatly benefit from the essential nutrients lutein, zeaxanthin, glutathione, and gingko biloba. Lutein and zeaxanthin aid in the prevention of any form of cataract as well as macular degeneration of some sort. Glutathione has been proven to be effective in preventing diseases of the retina and glaucoma. On the other hand, gingko biloba helps improve your visual acuity as well as increase retina blood flow.

In general, a lot of people realize that they feel much better if they increase their nutrient as well as water intake. This is the epitome of what holistic medicine is capable of bringing. That is, being able to treat the whole body and improve the entire condition of the body. Hence, you should think of natural vision therapy as a means of improving your entire health.

Regular eye movement is oftentimes being taken for granted by a lot of people. Even those who are playing sports or do work-out sessions are not aware that they are not moving their eyes that often. They seem to not be bothered by those they see around them. Sight is not done in a passive manner.

As you take either short or long walks, make sure to look at some things that interest you such as the birds in the sky, the passing cars, and leaves on a tree. Try focusing on these things that are near you and then look from afar again. Natural vision therapy comprises several activities that let the eyes exercise. You will definitely be at awe at what big difference it makes.