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A Guide to Buying a New Shower Tray

When you’re planning to buy and install a new shower tray, the first thing you need to ensure is that you talk to your installer or the manufacturer of the product you intend to purchase. The reason is because you want to be particularly sure that you don’t end up buying the wrong one, which for the most part, can’t be replaced when you go back to the store where you bought it, unless of course it is defective.

Now when you’re done with that, it’s time to start searching for options, beginning with the kind of material in which the shower tray is made. The good news is that there are several shower tray materials you can choose from. But if you don’t want to trouble yourself with doing your homework, you can simply choose from the two most commonly used materials today: resin stone and acrylic.

A shower tray made of resin stone is durable and sophisticated, proof of which is because it is built using a combination of crushed stone and resin-based glue. The mixture is then poured in a mold and will be given a special gel coating for it to have a smooth appearance or surface.
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On the other hand, shower trays made up of acrylic are once thought to be the inferior ones because they were made as flimsy products back in the days. However, the use of modern technology in manufacturing as well as stricter manufacturing regulations have made it possible for acrylic trays to become more durable today.
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Once you’re over with the material type, it’s time to choose the exact size. Similar to material, shower trays can also have different sizes, so you have to be sure you go to a store where they offer you lots of size options. The standard dimensions of a shower tray is 760mm x 760mm, but it’s not the only option available since you also can choose one with a unique size such as that of a 1700mm x 760mm variety. Furthermore, you also may want to consider sizes based on the shape of the tray, and the most popular options are quadrant, offset quadrant, and pentangle. You do have to remind yourself that the size will also depend on the available in the room.

Finally, you also will need to consider the manufacturer of the shower tray you intend to buy. You need to realize that because of the sheer number of manufacturers and brands of shower trays selling their stuff online, you just can’t assume every single product out there is made with high quality in mind. If you want to make sure you get the best ones, choose among the most popular brands such as JT, Coram, and Mira shower trays. It is best that you do your homework in figuring out which brands are renowned so that you won’t end up wasting your money.