September 27, 2021


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3 High-Return Guru Stocks Trading Below the GF Value Line

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GuruFocus has lately designed the GuruFocus Reasonable Benefit Line, a distinctive system of estimating the intrinsic worth of a stock. Developing off of the common Peter Lynch chart, which compares a stock’s present-day price to how a lot its earnings for every share would be well worth if it traded at a price-earnings ratio of fifteen, the GF Benefit Line seeks to get much more than price on your own into account when making an attempt to figure out worth. This new metric considers the pursuing 3 types of details:

  • Historic price-earnings, price-book, price-income and price-to-free money stream ratios.
  • A GuruFocus adjustment element dependent on the company’s previous returns and growth.
  • Future estimates of the business’ efficiency.

GuruFocus people can now use the All-in-A person Screener to display screen for shares dependent on how their present-day share price ranges assess to the intrinsic worth estimated by the GF Benefit Line. If the ratio of the price to the GF Benefit Line is fewer than one, the stock is possible to be undervalued.

For this assessment, I searched the All-in-A person Screener for guru-owned shares that have been trading at a price-to-GF worth ratio in between .four and .9. Making use of two other new GuruFocus valuation instruments, I also screened for shares that have maintained economic power and profitability rankings of at minimum four out of ten for the previous ten yrs utilizing the historical screener and shares with a return on cash (as defined by Joel Greenblatt (Trades, Portfolio)) of at minimum sixteen%. According to the GuruFocus Filter Rating, shares with a greater return on cash have outperformed the broader sector substantially in excess of the previous 12 months. Among the the final results, Perdoceo Education Corp. (NASDAQ:PRDO), China Cell Ltd (NYSE:CHL) and Kimball Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ:KBAL) have been rated as undervalued.

Perdoceo Education

Perdoceo Education is a for-earnings occupation schooling team headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. It presents both in-particular person and on the web plans for customers to get associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels as perfectly as certification plans in occupation-centered disciplines. The company operates by American Intercontinental College Colorado Specialized College.

On Oct. 5, shares of Perdoceo traded around $twelve.forty for a sector cap of $857.21 million and a price-earnings ratio of 8.sixty two. According to the GF Benefit chart, the stock is modestly undervalued.


The company has a economic power ranking of 9 out of ten and a profitability ranking of four out of ten. The money-debt ratio of 5.65 and Altman Z-Rating of 5.twenty five indicate sound economic disorders. The return on cash of one hundred eighty.63% is greater than 92.34% of competition. Whilst profits has declined in new yrs as the company divested of its non-main faculties, Ebitda has enhanced:


Jim Simons (Trades, Portfolio)’ Renaissance Technologies is the most significant guru shareholder of the company with seven.29% of shares exceptional, followed by Pioneer Investments (Trades, Portfolio) with .sixty four% and Jeremy Grantham (Trades, Portfolio) with .54%. By quantity, much more gurus have been buying the stock than offering it in new quarters.


China Cell

China Cell is just one of the 3 state-operate telecommunications corporations that dominate the Chinese sector. Started in 1997, it is China’s leading telecommunication solutions company, with in excess of 950 million customers and functions in all 31 provinces.

On Oct. 5, China Cell traded around $32.28 for every share for a sector cap of $132.19 billion and a price-earnings ratio of 8.68. The GF Benefit chart ranks the stock as substantially undervalued.


The company has a economic power ranking of 8 out of ten and a profitability ranking of seven out of ten. The Piotroski F-Rating of seven out of 9 and interest protection ratio of 39.58 indicate economic balance, though the return on cash of 17.38% is beating 65.51% of competition. The 3-12 months profits growth charge is one.5%, though the 3-12 months Ebitda growth charge is


With .23% of shares exceptional, Simons’ firm is the guru with the most significant chunk of the company, followed by Charles Brandes (Trades, Portfolio) with .02% and Sarah Ketterer (Trades, Portfolio) with .02%. Even so, gurus have been offering the stock in 2020 soon after generally buying in 2019.


Kimball Worldwide

Kimball Worldwide is a furnishings style and design company that manufactures products and solutions underneath the Kimball, Nationwide and Kimball Hospitality manufacturer names. Based mostly in Jasper, Indiana, the company focuses its styles on productiveness, team collaboration, style and design and sustainability.

On Oct. 5, shares of Kimball traded around $11.twelve for a sector cap of $408.ninety nine million and a price-earnings ratio of ten. According to the GF Benefit chart, the stock is a possible worth trap, however the price fall that set it into worth trap territory was throughout the Covid-19 sector crash.


The company has a economic power ranking of 9 out of ten and a profitability ranking of seven out of ten. The interest protection ratio of 795.9 and Altman Z-Rating of 5.55 indicate that the stock is in robust economic standing. The return on cash is forty six.43%, which is greater than 90.twelve% of other corporations in the sector. The 3-12 months profits growth charge is two.four%, though the 3-12 months Ebitda growth charge is .seven%.


Simons’ firm owns the most significant stake in the company with six.76% of shares exceptional, followed by Chuck Royce (Trades, Portfolio) with four.98% and Grantham with .ninety one%. Soon after buying the stock at the conclude of 2019, much more gurus have been offering the stock in 2020.


Disclosure: Writer owns no shares in any of the shares outlined. The mention of shares in this posting does not at any issue constitute an investment suggestion. Investors must normally perform their own thorough investigation and/or consult registered investment advisors before having action in the stock sector.

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