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Best Beaches of Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India but never disappoints its tourists in any way. From fascinating beaches to late night parties and from adrenaline-pumping adventure activities to the calmness of nature, Goa is a perfect destination to collect beautiful memories.

History lovers may get disheartened at first glance but, to everyone’s surprise, Goa has a gift for them as well! You will find attractions like St Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Augustine tower in another part of this state which is known as Old Goa.

If you want to know the interesting history and enjoy the fun at beaches of Old Goa side by side, then read the article given below. We have listed the names of best beaches near Old Goa.

  1. Aguada Beach

Aguada beach is a beautiful beach which offers the splendid view of Aguada Fort. Aguada Fort was constructed by the Portuguese in their colonial period. This fort has now been taken over by Tata group and is converted into a luxury 5-star hotel. It is renamed as The Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa.

The calmness and cool breeze along the Aguada Beach will blow your mind.

  1. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is a less crowded beach in Old Goa. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, photography here. A few tourists visit Agonda Beach. Hence, it remains clean and quite. If you have come to Goa to take a break from a busy life, then you should visit this beach.

The road parallel to Agonda beach is a residential area which has many Bungalows and houses. A school/college and a church are located in the center of the beach.

Agonda Beach is located at 90 minutes drive from Dabolim Airport.

  1. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem beach is situated in the Pernem district of North Goa which is present at the distance of 30 Km from Panaji. This beach a famous honeymoon destination. You will spot newlywed couples everywhere around the beach. Hiking in the nearby hills, romantic walks, and dolphin spotting can be enjoyed at Mandrem beach.

Many luxury hotels and suites are present near the beach. You can also shop and try delicious Goan cuisine at Madlamaz Mandrem which is a local bazaar near Mandrem beach.

  1. Betalbatim Beach

Betalbatim Beach is a popular beach which offers beautiful scenic beauty along with serenity. Dazzling sand and clean water are the characteristics of this beach. If come at the right time, you can get the chance to see the beautiful scenery of sunset at Betalbatim Beach. Some local fishermen take the tourists for dolphin watching tour. You will undoubtedly spend some leisure time at this beach.

  1. Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach is located in Margao district of South Goa. This beach is for those who want to spend some time in the peaceful environment around the natural beauty. You can enjoy walking along the beach, sunbathing and swimming. Hotels are easily available near Utorda Beach.

To see a beautiful side of India, you should definitely visit Goa once in …

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How to Catch Halibut With Ease on a Charter Boat in Alaska

Throughout Alaska, there are many places where halibut roam around underwater. If you want to catch these fish with minimum effort, there are a few things that you must consider.



In order to grab halibut underwater, you’ll need to use a proper hook. Although there are many kinds of hooks for different types of fish, only specific hook options can help you successfully capture halibut. Most fishermen who spend time on Seward halibut fishing charters in Alaska use round-shaped hooks because these tools can snag a halibut very easily. These hooks produce the best results when they’re tied to a lead ball that weighs up to two pounds.


Pole Options

The best fishing pole for halibut should have a sturdy design. A proper rod must also be long, as the length of a pole can impact reach on a charter boat. An average rod for a tall boat should be six to seven feet long, and the material that’s used to construct a pole needs to be powerful, lightweight, and balanced.


Bait Strategies

When suitable bait is used during a tactical halibut fishing trip, the process of attracting many schools of fish to a line will be simple. The most effective bait options for halibut include:

  • Cod
  • Crab
  • Salmon guts

In order to attract halibut, you must place one of these bait options in a container that connects to a fishing line. The container should be bulky because the weight of the housing will help the bait sink to the ocean floor. After the bait reaches the bottom of the ocean, you may have to wait a while before halibut swarm to the spot.

These strategies can simplify the process of reeling in halibut in Alaska. If you want to journey to popular fishing spots in style and comfort, consider taking a trip on a charter boat.…

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How to Plan a Family Holiday to Borneo?

Every family has their own wishlist for what they would love to see and do on their holiday – but for many people sun, a pool, beaches and wildlife are high on that list. Where better to go than Borneo for a holiday that will offer all that, and more?

Travel to Borneo

Borneo is best reached through the Kota Kinabalu airport, which is not far from the state of Sabah. Most of the fun stuff in Borneo is in Sabah, and the airport is served by a lot of good airlines, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting there even with kids. Try to avoid long connections, so that the kids aren’t cranky when they arrive, and try to time your landing so that it’s bedtime in Borneo so that they’re well rested and don’t have jetlag the next day.

Direct flights are a good option, and the new A380s that are run on a lot of long-haul flights are ideal for families because they’re quiet and they have good in-flight entertainment too. Even the economy deck is nice and comfortable, with a place to store your in-flight reading and other goodies, and enough space for most people to get comfortable and rest. If you can get upper-deck economy then you’ll be nice and cosy and you should find that the kids will rest or just watch the TV And play games while they’re flying. Then you’re at the airport before you know it, and ready to get taken to the resort.

See the Amazing Turtles

You can stay on Gaya Island if you want to stop to view the turtles at dusk. The accommodation is a five-star resort. You will need to book well in advance to make sure that you have somewhere to stay. You could see a lot in just a day trip, but the viewing is far better at night. If you have the time, be sure to go scuba diving there to get an even better view of the turtles.

There are also hawksbill turtles on turtle island, and you can get up-close and personal with those if you visit the island. There are landings, and they hatch all year round, but if you visit during July-October then you will have the chance to enjoy the view better because the seas are much calmer.

Resort Hotels: The Shangri La

The Shangri La resort hotel is a good option for families because it has a pool, nice spacious rooms, and a beach nearby. The beach is stunning and there is plenty for the whole family to do in the surrounding area, whether you visit the Rasa Ria nature reserve, or head to one of the national parks to explore and see even more wildlife.

There is an orangutan orphanage at Rasa Ria nature reserve, and the babies that grow up there are released into the park when they are older. Orangutangs are not quite endangered, but there are only around 20,000 living in …

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Make sure you read, Cialis And Arginine And Viagra

CIALIS is indicated for the remedy of erectile dysfunction (ED), the indicators and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and ED and the indicators and symptoms of BPH (ED+BPH). CIALIS (10 mg or 20 mg) ought to be taken at the very least 30-60 minutes previous to anticipated sexual exercise. Potential Drug Interactions: CIALIS can potentiate the hypotensive results of alpha-blockers, antihypertensives or substantial quantities of alcohol (?5 models). With CIALIS for use as wanted, dose mustn’t exceed 10 mg. Further dose adjustments could also be required for sufferers with different concomitant medicines. In the event you experience these signs, stop taking CIALIS and get in touch with a doctor instantly.

Don’t take Generic Cialis if you are taking any of these model title medicines: Cimetidine for the remedy of ulcers, anti-fungal remedies like Ketoconazole and Itraconazole, antibiotics like Erythromycin and Rifampicin, HIV medicines like Ritonavir and Saquinavir or any alpha-blockers to treat high blood pressure or prostate circumstances including Hytrin, Flomax, Cardura, Minipress, Uroxatral, Norvir, Crixivan, Nizoral and Sporanox.

CIALIS improves blood flow to, and relaxes the muscle groups of, the prostate and bladder which can scale back symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Generic Cialis doesn’t defend you or your companion from sexually transmitted illnesses, including HIV. Specific Populations: Creatinine clearance lower than 30 mL/min or on hemodialysis: CIALIS for each day use isn’t recommended; CIALIS for use as needed—5 mg not more than once each 72 hours. Some provide Cialis online pharmacy with a small profit margin and others with larger profit margins.

Combining Generic Cialis for sale with any of those drugs could cause a sudden drop in blood strain and might critically affect your health. Sexually Transmitted Illnesses: The usage of CIALIS gives no safety against sexually transmitted diseases. The amount pharmacies pay for Cialis is the wholesale price set by the drug firm Eli Lilly. Your doctor may have prescribed you CIALIS to deal with both, or each of those conditions.

I attempted Finasteride but, as I did not like the unwanted side effects, I stopped taking it and one other physician really useful Cialis. If a affected person experiences a sudden decrease or loss of vision or listening to, he ought to stop taking CIALIS and name a healthcare supplier instantly. You probably have emergency therapy for any suspected coronary heart situation tell the emergency medical or ambulance workers that you are taking CIALIS. The maximum beneficial every day dosage for Generic Cialis 20mg is one tablet per day. Your doctor has weighed the dangers of you taking CIALIS against the benefits they expect it would have for you. In case you are about to be began on any new medication, remind your physician and pharmacist that you are taking CIALIS. Viagra stays energetic for about four hours after taking a tablet and Cialis for about 36 hours.

I had wished to diversify my sex life for a very long time and, after studying some opinions on completely different websites, I made a decision …

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Holiday Rentals Message Board

ITunes is the world’s easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. Then phone your nearby police station or municipality, or the business the particular person claims to function for, and really check that they are on record as becoming employed there. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if HomeAway is appropriate for you. Soon after breaking three sensible phones a few years ago I decided to go back to my roots and get a very good flip phone that can handle my on-the-go way of life. Rather of the same old boring nametags that the kids tear off their desks before Christmas, I decided to to a phot of every kiddo with their name and class number typed more than it and laminated.

Keep in mind the key is to make a decision what you want to do with it and how much your prepared to commit each and every month and then to find a phone that falls in line with your criteria. I get that most men and women in Austin are liberal but there are a quantity of conservative workers at HomeAway who are isolated. I’m pregnant and wanted to have supper watch a film at property soon after operate nowadays… We managed to watch 30 minutes in two hours since he kept answering his phone and talking to individuals so we’d pause.Home away

Right after the money transfer was made, the house owner” emailed Brian that there was a error in account number and the funds he wired were not received. They are also supposed to apply to the Workplace of Brief-Term Rental Administration and Enforcement for a registration number. Battery life for this telephone is around 9 hours speak with up to 610 hours standby. Anytime, anyplace: Net access essential normal message and information prices apply to download and use mobile app. An additional phone I have seen being utilized by friends and colleagues is the Samsung Intensity.

You can have your telephone ‘cleaned’ at an Apple retailer but that will mean everything will be lost. My mom attempted calling me twice and mentioned that it rang and then went to voicemail but my phone in no way rang and the missed contact notifications did not show up for 30 minutes when I left the home for 20 minutes to get something to eat. If you’d favor to have a standard keyboard, then the Samsung Intensity may just be the phone for you. This telephone is primarily based much far more on the social side and is fantastic for any person that loves to be in the loop.

He thinks I’m greedy and whiney when I get upset about him not spending high quality time with me. I manage it terribly typically, it gets so frustrating, he doesn’t comprehend how insulting it is to me that he tends to make the time every day for telephone calls and video games, however doesn’t really reserve time aside for me. Just …

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Cheapest houses in Thane with immediate possession: Palava City has it all

Thane is a great city for new as well as old dwellers of Maharashtra. It has a well-defined social structure which makes it an even better place to stay. Moreover, the easy connectivity of Thane to the rest of the major places in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra is another fact which people appreciate and consider when they are looking for a home in Thane.An upcoming residential project is Palava City. More of a smart city, if you are looking for a place where you won’t have to wait for 3-5 years before you can actually start living then, hence the Palava City in Thane is the best option for buying a new apartment.

What does Palava City have to offer?

If you are thinking about why you should go for this particular township then there are various reasons for the same. Palava City in Thanehas 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments. In the 1 BHK categories itself, you get three different types of floor plans.

  • One bedroom and one bathroom
  • One bedroom, one bathroom, one balcony and one puja room
  • One bedroom, one bathroom and one balcony.

The Lodha Group are the builders of this city and they are renowned for their various townships. When it comes to quality and designing a township that has everything then no one does it better than them!

Some of the amenities which have been designed and put in the city for the communities that will flourish in Palava city are:

  • Clubhouse
  • Cafeteria/ food court
  • Bar/lounge
  • Cycling and jogging track
  • Coffee lounge and restaurants
  • Barbeque pit
  • Private terrace and garden
  • Dance studio
  • Outdoor tennis court

These are those amenities which are exclusive to this township. Apart from this, Kid’s Heaven is just 1.5 km from Palava City while Jivdani clinic is at a distance of 2.4 km from the city.

The region of Thane in which Palava City is located is Dombivali which in itself is a well-developed area of Mumbai. Apart from the above-mentioned places, prominent hospitals and schools are also situated within just 3 kms of the city. Pranayu Hospital and Holy Cross School are located in vicinity.

How the apartments have been made?

This is another important question which buyers ask. What all goes in constructing the apartment? Right from the finish of the various rooms and the flooring plans to the lining of the kitchen, everything is important.

  • The kitchen has been floored with vitrified tiles and the same has been used in flooring the living room, master bedroom and other bedrooms of the apartments.
  • The toilet, however, has designer ceramic tiles. The toilets have been made to perfection with designer Jaguar CP fittings along with Parryware sanitary ware.
  • The windows are power coated aluminium sliding windows which gives you the perfect view of the city that never sleeps.
  • The kitchen has a black granite top for easily chopping and kneading. It has a single bowl sink with a drain board.
  • The paint used for the exterior
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Guide to Buy Perfect Water Filtration Pitcher

Having a water filtration pitcher makes your lifestyle healthier than you can think of. There is a popular saying that you can survive without food for three days but not without water. Water is an essential need for every human, and if it is not clean, then you can imagine what could be going on internally. You can choose a perfect water filtration pitcher with the help of few characteristics. If you recognize these characteristics in the pitcher, then consider to purchase it without any second thought.

How to choose a water filtration pitcher?

Among all the popular brands of filtration pitchers, you can pick the best one according to its characteristics. Here is the list as follows:

Enough Capacity

Some pitchers are expensive and easy to use but do not have enough capacity. You need to drink water every hour which is why you have to emphasize over the size. Prefer to get a large size so you can fill the water once and do not have to face the hassle of filling it again and again.

Filtration Mechanism

Check out in the guide how the filtration works. Prefer to get the multistage filter pitcher allows eliminating mostly all of the chemicals in the water without few minutes. All the impurities absorbed by the particles with keeping harmful membranes away.

Flow Rate

It is essential to check out how fast the water pours into the glass. The flow needs to be consistent and fast so you do not have to wait for the glass to fill. The speed of flow will determine how well the filter is working within the pitcher. Even if there is no automatic reminding, the speed will let you know that it is time to change the filter.

Filter Indicator

It is not necessary to see these characteristics and depend your decision upon it, but if you have all the other characteristics with including the automatic indicator, then it would be great. It helps you change the filter within the time when you do not have to keep track on the changing the filter. It works as a calendar reminder for you to keep the water clean.

Long warranty

A warranty provides you the security of the product that if it does not operate or creates any problem, then you will be able to get a new one or have your money back. If the filter does not work properly after the purchase, then you have enough time to exchange it. Make sure to get the warranty, so you do not end up losing your money recklessly.


All of these characteristics would help you only in picking the right filtration pitcher for your house or office. Instead of spending on purchasing water bottles, why not spend once on the water filtration pitcher to make your life easier so wherever you are, you do not have to carry the bottle but instead fill water in the pitcher to enjoy odor-less and chemical free water in …

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Some Guidelines for Your Barcelona Trip

One of the most coveted world destinations is Barcelona. Camp Nou, La Boqueria, Gothic Quarter, Park Guell, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and Arc de Triomf are just some of the great attractions that the country has to offer. If you can get cheap Barcelona flights, then you can take a trip to the beautiful country and experience the colour and culture. However, before you embark on your trip to Barcelona, it would be best to read through the following guidelines to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable:

Decide How Long Yours Trip Will Take

The first decision that you need to make is how long your trip is supposed to take. The length of your trip will determine many other things such as the type of accommodation that will suit you best, the sites you can visit and how far you can travel during the duration of your trip. If you are going to stay for a few weeks, for example, it would be best to rent out a furnished house or apartment instead of staying at a hotel which is going to be more expensive. You can also take advantage of cheap Barcelona flights if you are going to be staying a while.

Research Will Help You Find Cheap Flights

It would be best to look for low cost flight deals to Barcelona before you buy your ticket. This is one of the costs to consider before your trip to the area. Other costs include transport while you are on the ground, accommodation, food and shopping. You also need to research the costs for the different activities that you want to undertake. If you are visiting a park, will you need to pay entrance fees? If you do need to pay for entrance fees, how much are they? This helps you to draw up a budget for your trip.

Start Saving for the Trip

Other than the savings you make by getting flight deals to Barcelona, you also need to start saving early if you are going to get the most out of your trip. When you have enough savings, you will be able to meet your costs and even include other activities that you had not planned for. Always remember to save for money that will come in handy in case of emergencies as well.

Check for Deals

You do not want to pay full price for everything if you can get some deals for your trip. Some tour companies often offer package deals for accommodation, cheap Barcelona flights and various activities while in the area. Finding these deals will help you to save on a lot of money as well as save you the hassle of looking into different things such as accommodation, travel, and activities separately.

Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit. If you plan on going there anytime soon, consider the guidelines above to make the trip smoother and more seamless. It will help to make planning much easier.…

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5 reasons every runner should bring a Garmin on vacation

A vacation for a runner isn’t like a vacation for everyone else. Most people pack a novel, some slippers and a bathing suit, runners pack shoes, track shorts and a sweat-winking shirt.

Because for a runner, there’s no better way to see the sights than by running past them. We take great pains in planning a route that hits all the major tourist attractions while avoiding stop lights, back alleys and traffic.

But one thing not every runner packs—but should—is a Garmin.

We know, you were planning to just take a casual jog around. But you know that plan will change once the runner’s high hits you. So here’s why you should bring it along.

  1. It’s easy to get distracted

In an unfamiliar town, it’s easy to lose focus. You see a pretty hillside or an interesting building, and without you being aware your pace has slowed. Don’t let that happen! The hills will look just as pretty if you keep pushing. Ultra-marathon runner Steve Way uses his Garmin 620 and 920XT to do just that.

“Though monitoring my cadence during tempo and marathon pace sessions I can see where I’m getting tired and letting my form and cadence drop towards the end of the session and it helps me to try and focus next time,” he says.

  1. You probably can’t take your partner with you

Having a running buddy is a great way to stay motivated, but most people can’t take their partner on vacation with them. That’s where Garmin’s virtual training partner comes in.

“My favorite forerunner feature is the virtual training partner,” says professional triathlete Matt Lieto. “It allows me to set a pace that I know I’m capable of holding, and that way when I race I can start at that pace and try to finish at that pace.”

  1. Gives you an edge over other runners

If you’re lucky enough to be taking a trip with your partner—some of us are lucky enough to be married to the person—the Garmin can give you an edge. What’s wrong staying a few steps ahead of your partner? Nothing, if you ask U.S. Olympic distance runner Deena Kastor. She uses her Garmin to stay ahead of fellow Olympic runner Ryan Hall.

“I usually look at my Garmin to see what pace I’m running or how much ground I have to cover in order to hold him off,” Kastor says. “I tease him right before I start by saying ‘Catch me if you can.’ Then, it is only my Garmin giving me information to fend him off. It is my secret weapon.”

  1. Pits you against yourself

If you don’t have a partner and aren’t keen on using a virtual partner, you always have your toughest rival: yourself. Triathlon champ and 50K record-holder Josh Cox uses his Garmin for just that.

“For me, I try and think about constant improvement over all the sports and Garmin really helps me do that because I have the data from everything,” he says.…

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Make your journey to be unique by choosing the online mode of booking

Amidst the various modes of the transportations, bus travelling is always standing out in the mind of people as it is offering the fun and amusements. Without any doubt, travelling through the bus is so comfortable and affordable than any other mode of journey. If you are living in Malaysia, then bus transportation can be the right one to choose for making your travel to be so unique and effective. Through the bus, you can get the most enjoyable moments in the journey. Of course, there are too many interesting and thrilling places available for the travelers to make their journey to be awesome. So, if you are looking forward to travel throughout the Malaysia and looking forward to book the bus ticket, the internet is available to help you. Over the online platform, you can able to reserve your tickets easily without any problems.

Perks of traveling through the bus

When you have searched over the internet, you can find a wide range of the online travel agents who can help you to access the tickets. Among the various sites, you can find the best one for reserving your tickets without any hassles. In that way, the easy book is the leading online platform that can offer you the chance for booking your tickets over the internet. Therefore, you need not to wait in the queue for booking. But, you can simply sit in the comfort of your home and access the tickets easily.

In the official site of the easybook, you can find the way to book your tickets for various transportations like train, bus, ferry and flight. Among all these travels, bus transportation is the highly chosen one for giving you the fantastic and adventurous journey.

Book your tickets over online

Over the site, you need to give a certain kinds of the information for making your ticket booking easily as possible. In that manner, some important things that you need to provide over there are listed a follows.

  • Location where you departure from
  • Destination location to reach
  • Date and time of departure and return
  • Number of passengers

When you have mentioned all these details, you are redirected to the page where the bus operators are listed. In the list of the bus operator and the bus route, you can choose the right one for making your travel to be so unique and effective. When it comes to the expenditure, the online mode of the bus travel booking is extremely reasonable for making your journey within your budget. These are the main reasons why most of the people are interested in booking their bus ticket instead of train or flight.

So, if the distance of your travel is quite low, then you can choose the bus transportation. Obviously, it is going to be the right mode of traveling to give you the most enchanting features with the adventure sceneries. Therefore, if you are having so much interest in making your travel to be so unique, then it …

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