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Consumer research: how needs drive intent

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Persons really do not wake up in the early morning and say, “I have intent.”


It’s not a factor, people really do not communicate like that.


They do say, “I have to have a thing.”


or “I want a thing.”


My title is Justin De Graaf, I am the head of study and insights at Google.


When people appear to, there are six have to have states they are in fact hunting


The first is thrill me.


The subsequent is impress me, educate me, reassure me, assistance me, and surprise me.


When a particular person realizes that they have to have a thing, so they could possibly have to have to come across factors to do for


their young ones this weekend.

:forty two

They could possibly turn to Google and look for for “jumpy residences around me.”

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The factor is, driving that, the have to have beneath that is, they in fact want to be helped and


assistance their family link and have a instant collectively.


People are the items that are in fact motivating their behaviors.


What they look for is attempting to solve that.


But people really do not say that.


They form “things to do around me.”


The approaches it can demonstrate up, and how marketers can use it best, factors like creative progress.


Educate me is a fantastic illustration.


It’s a large have to have point out.


Persons are coming to us to get data, and then move on.


If you are hunting for “safest automobile” or “safest tiny SUV,” you want data.


You really do not want a sales pitch.


You really do not want a large scene of creative.


You want to know rank purchase.


Give me the details of what is safest.


Marketers in that instant can be additional efficient, additional direct.


What’s fascinating is that the needs are what spark a journey, as people move, and


they broaden and contract a consideration established.


All alongside that, their needs are attempting to be fulfilled.


And they’re going to retain going in their journey right up until they come to feel like their needs are


Which is when you make the order.


Which is when you e-book your excursion.

1:forty two

Which is when you know it is accomplished.

1:forty five

And there is a great deal of delight that comes from being accomplished.


And so fixing for all those needs is these kinds of a paramount element of humanity, definitely.


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