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Everything You Need To Know About honeymooning In Bali

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If you are looking for an island getaway bursting with a vibrant colorful culture, pristine beaches, crystal water, mouthwatering cuisine as well as loads of sunshine the Bali is the place for you. Get to fill your days with adventure and romance as Bali continues to be a honeymoon haven for lovers.

Encompassed by the glowing waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is an island province located in the heart of Indonesia. In addition to its magnificent pace of island life, Bali is dotted with lush greenery making it a favorite holiday destination for all types of travelers. The amazing experience and picturesque views coupled budget-friendly prices make the island one of the best places to go on a honeymoon.

Things to do while on your Bali honeymoon

There is something for every type of newlywed including places to see, things to do. It doesn’t matter whether you are thrill seekers, yoga fanatics, food connoisseurs or just want to go on a quad bike during your hotel honeymoon Bali stay. 

You can also visit some of the most vibrant bars in the world such as the Rock Bar at AYANA Resort and Spa or go pray for luck at the numerous religious sites. Not forgetting its pristine beaches, a Bali honeymoon is something you will forever live to remember. Therefore, the island should make it on the top of your honeymoon destinations list.

Keep in mind that you will be at the heart of Indonesia which is made up of over 14,000 islands. This means that you can take day trips to explore the islands that are within Bali’s reach. The excitement also extends beneath the seas with world-class scuba diving spots in islands such as Nusa Penida and Nusa Menjangan. While you try new things and immerse yourself into the rich Balinese culture, ensure you explore the rice terraces and taste new delicacies.

Why honeymoon in Bali?

For the right reasons only, Bali has become an extraordinarily popular island of Indonesia. Compared to other remote island destinations, getting around here is a lot easier because most people speak English. In addition to this, the Balinese people are renowned for their generous spirit and incredible hospitality.

Seminyak, Kuta and some other parts of Bali are extremely populated the end result being that they are heavily westernized, meaning that there are a plethora of important infrastructures and home comforts. However, the downside will be that such places will be more about the hustle and bustle.

Best time to honeymoon in Bali

With just the wet and dry seasons, Bali features an all year-round tropical island climate. Since the wet season has more rainfall and temperatures are a little lower than usual, crowds get a little thinner. Therefore, November through March is the best time to go on your Bali honeymoon if you’re not into long lines of attraction, the scorching sun and don’t mind a bit of rain.

The best time to go on a Bali honeymoon during the dry season is from April through to September which is when the temperature is beautiful and underwater visibility is great for snorkeling or scuba diving. However, the crowds will be a bit larger due to the good weather.

Bali visa requirements

If you are considering Bali as your honeymoon destination, you first need to look into the visa requirements for your country.  A wide array of nationalities such as from the UK, US and Canada can visit the island visa-free for up to 30 days which includes arrival and departure. 

However, if you’re planning on staying longer you will have to apply for an extended visa or buy one upon arrival. The visa will allow the original 30 days and after a visit to the immigration office in Indonesia you can apply to be granted 30 more days. Keep in mind that this visa can only be used once. 

Bali is a honeymoon paradise that that has plenty to offer you and your partner.

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