October 20, 2021


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Flameless Lighter Building

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Zippo factory was founded in 1932 by George G. Blaisdell. He began building a gas Flameless Lighter from the end of 1932. And the successful launch of the first collection which occurred around January and February 1933. The first products on display at the Zippo / Case Visitor Center with a small handwritten note Mr. Blaisdell. The innovations of the Zippo originated from the establishment.

When Zippo was first issued, the form was already four-square. But the shape of the corners really box. As for now, almost all of them, slightly curved at the edges. So the appearance was not stuffy even look cuter. Then, the outer part is made of tubes braso box dicet or chrome plated. Meanwhile, the hinge between the top cover and the bottom of the tube on the outside.

The new hinge move to the inside, in 1936. And every year, decorations as well as development occurs here and usb lighter. Until finally in 1935, is an important point for the marketing of Zippo. The reason is, that year began a special ad for this one product.

Then in 1939, the outer layer Zippo containing 14 carat gold was introduced to the public. However, when World War II took place, the situation is so tight squeeze. Braso and chrome so that it became difficult to find. As a result, the material from which bajalah be selected. Then, the paint color is selected when it is black.

Distribution of retail goods this one aimed at the shops in the military. Finally, the function of lighters that this one was so popular among the military during World War II took place. A legendary journalist Ernie Pyle wrote that Zippo lighters became a requirement on the battlefield and it is most missed by the soldiers.

Almost every time, Zippo issued new designs. Whether it’s the type of material on the tube or iridescence displayed. Previously, iron materials displayed then in 1950, Zippo try new things again. Packaging of leather comes in the middle of the fans. And selection variasi.Ada colors were red, blue, green, and other colors cow leather.

Another hallmark during the 1950s, the type of Zippo came out with a slightly slimmer shape. While in 1960, 14 carat gold coating types slender was issued. And in 1969, when the crew of NASA astronauts landed on the moon, then the issue related to outer space is also growing rapidly.

The designs associated with a sports team began to emerge. Even symbols and nuances of a single political organization in the design created in several editions Zippo.

All these designs have sprung up without changing the basic shape Zippo. Matches consist of two parts with a hinge that when opened would be clinked loudly. This basic design which makes Zippo one design that is said to be eternal. Zaman whatever may come, but the shape and the tinkling Zippo will remain the same.

Designs like these rarely exist. Approaching a VW Beetle or in Indonesia known as the Beetle. But when VW issued design 2000nya year, the immortality of the form VW compromised. Others with Zippo that still survive.

New Powder Coating

Now in the new millennium, there is an aggressive measures taken by the Zippo. Given the number of forgeries and there, then Zippo uses a powdered material that can be useful as an indicator of genuine and fake goods. It is stamped on the bottom that reads codes that edition.

The code listed shows the date, Zippo logo and place of manufacture, namely USA. But, it is written a bit vague. Designers Zippo, Mr. Blaisdell, provides the specific code is also in the form of dots or slashes. This is useful when Zippo needs to be repaired or if there is damage. Therefore, each edition of the Zippo definitely have a sign made months or even years. Indicators month names of the alphabet is represented by the letters A through L. Meanwhile, for years denoted by roman letters. Signs of the above apply from 1 Juli1986.

Earlier, at the beginning of making Zippo, information that was written using words that accompanied Patent seven-digit number. After that, from the year 1957-1986, there are some symbols such as dots and slashes at the bottom of the Zippo. Of course, this change along with the times for a convenience.

Then the process of attachment of the powder using an electrostatic process and then in 2003 to remove the bottom using a laser to make it look the numbers / simbol2 showing the origin and year of production of each Zippo. According to press reports, the new goods were introduced at the beginning of spring in America. Meanwhile, the existing colors available red and green, but the color tends to dim not sparkling.

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