October 26, 2021


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Got a good travel story? Share it with us on the Road Junky Podcast!

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So you want to tell a travel tale for the Road Junky Travel Tales podcast?


We’re searching for travellers to share their tales of remaining out there on the highway to encourage others and open some windows to the relaxation of the planet.

Be sure to have a examine of the beneath very first:


Tech stuff

For starters you will need to be able to report your tale. Attempt to get hold of a microphone somewhere and practice a while with it. It is definitely uncomplicated to spoil a recording by generating much too lots of ‘pop’ sounds when you’re mouth is much too near to the mic.

You can report your tale working with a application like Audacity to report it. Save it as a .wav file for most effective top quality.

Preferably, your tale ought to be about 10-15 minutes extensive but we’re versatile. Hear to it before you send out it to us and see if it could be improved.

What kind of tale is intriguing?

You are as intriguing as the tale by itself. Possibly a little something astounding occurred to you but we also want to know how you felt about it, what it meant to you. We want to stand in your sneakers and think about it was us in that mad problem.

Your tale can be a little something humorous, a little something tragic, a little something unbelievable, a little something insightful – a little something that has not occurred to us. We want to find out from it, be entertained by it, have it change how we see the planet in some way.

And this is Road Junky. How I Missing My Digital camera on Getaway is not likely to be as intriguing to us as Having Attacked by Wild Dogs in Anatolia...

How to tell your tale

To tell a very good tale you will need to know what it is you want to tell. Make your tale intriguing from the starting – why do we want to hear the subsequent 10 minutes of it?

Assume about how your tale ends. Understatement is impressive. Never give us the moral of the tale – we’re not in church.

Attempt to differ the pace of the tale. Make it personal. Share how you felt.

Visualize you’re telling it to your most effective pal about a coffee. Really feel the feelings as although you were telling the tale for the very first time.

Never sort out your tale and then examine it out. That sounds definitely stiff and unexciting like a schoolkid reading through in front of the class.

But also really don’t just start off recording and blah blah without having understanding what you want to say.

The most effective way we know to tell this kind of tale is to use notes. So rather of:

The New Year’s get-togethers were usually the most chaotic. Thousands of Indian visitors turned up for 48 several hours of unmitigated anarchy. They walked down the beach front entirely dressed, socks and sneakers and all, itching to choose photos of women in bikinis. This was my girlfriend in Goa, they advised their good friends back property. At night, they received hopelessly drunk and just about every calendar year a few of them drowned as they attempted to swim for the quite very first time.

You can just have:

New Year – Indian visitors – ‘girlfriend in goa’ – drunk drowning.

This way you recall the framework of your tale but you are going to locate contemporary words for it every single time.

And, make sure you, practice telling it to another person before you report!

How to send out it to us

Ultimately we will need the .wav recording. But these are major files so make sure you very first add a variation of it to Soundcloud or Youtube or a very similar assistance so we can give it a hear very first. When you have done that send out an electronic mail with the backlink to [email protected] with the term ‘podcast’ in the electronic mail subject matter.

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