October 16, 2021


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Marketing a Gaming App – Think with Google

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As gaming proceeds to develop, so do the queries we get from app entrepreneurs about how best to travel game installs. To unpack that problem, we took a huge step back to initial fully grasp the motivations behind gaming. Then we seemed at genuine gaming app advert strategies, for Common Application Campaigns in particular, to see if there had been styles of inventive elements that had been additional profitable than other individuals in driving installs. (Spoiler inform: There had been.)

The base line: Driving gaming app installs demands tapping into the motivations behind why people today game, and building inventive assets encouraged by those people motivations. That may seem apparent, but the executional elements of a gaming app promoting approach can be very nuanced.

Motivations for everyday as opposed to core avid gamers

As any game marketer understands, the earth of gaming is mainly divided into “core” avid gamers, people today who devote a significant sum of time and electricity to gaming, and “casual” avid gamers, people today who dabble in video games to go the time.

Reaching these avid gamers effectively demands being aware of why they are playing and how they are engaging. To learn additional, we carried out qualitative analysis with hundreds of everyday and core avid gamers in Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.two

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