Sun. Aug 9th, 2020


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Pet friendly hotels: the points to pay attention before booking

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Going for a trip without your beloved 4-leg trip companion is a sad experience even for the bravest. Fortunately, more and more accommodation facilities are expanding their services to all travelers who want to bring their four-legged friends with them. Let’s see together what are the elements that will never miss in the best pet friendly hotels.

5 things to look for in pet friendly hotels:

  1. Make sure the staff is not only able to handle animals but really loves them: in this way you will be certain that you have really chosen the right place and have to deal with people who will always help you with your needs;
  2. Check if there are parks near where to stay, to provide your puppy with space to run or walk;
  3. Ask if the spa is also open to your four-legged friends to enjoy both a bit of healthy relaxation or alternatively, you can ask for a pet sitting service while you relax a bit (it’s important to remember that services like pet sitting are a supplement in most cases and therefore they have an additional cost);
  4. Remember: food can really make a difference (even for your dog or cat). Many pet friendly hotels offer gourmet menus. Although we are not looking for excessive luxury, let us be sure that the pet friendly hotel we chose will guarantee quality food and water for our 4-legged friend;
  5. any pet friendly hotels offer special packages for puppies that include, for example, bowls, cucumbers, personalized tags or a nice toy bone to munch. Do not forget to check the offers available for your stay. In some cases these are special deals with special discounts that allow you to travel with our dog or cat without spending too much. Copyright © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.