October 17, 2021


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Police checking cars at Plimmerton to ensure only essential travel | Travel Wire News

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Breaking Vacation Information:

Report from RNZ
Police have established up a checkpoint north of Wellington to capture people sneaking absent for the extended Easter weekend.

Motor vehicles are currently being diverted off State Freeway one north of Plimmerton via a truck weigh station to be checked.

Police are looking for signals that people are heading absent for a holiday break and cross-referencing registrations and licences to check that motorists reside domestically.

In the South Island, police explained they experienced stopped eight teams of travellers and turned them again to Christchurch.

Tasman police explained they had been stopping all motor vehicles on SH6 south of Murchison to make sure these on the road had been undertaking critical vacation.

“The information is distinct remain household and help save life, now is not the time for non-critical vacation,” they explained.

Ordinarily in the days leading up to Easter people in Nelson had been either heading down the Seems, throughout to the bay or up to the lake, Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese explained.

“Not this 12 months, we’re staying place, we’re staying at household,” she explained.

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