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Pragmatic agenda: Lavrov tours Latin America to foster cooperation, not to spite Washington | Travel Wire News

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During the excursion that began on Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to pay out just one-day visits to Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela – location the tongues wagging in Washington.

The Hill branded the total excursion a “show of support” for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whom US President Donald Trump had just declared a “dictator” though providing support to self-proclaimed “interim leader” Juan Guaido. 

Even Reuters has insinuated that Lavrov was “sent” by the Kremlin to Caracas to by some means “counteract” American sanctions. The normal line of mainstream media outlets appears to be that Moscow seeks to “strengthen affect in the location.”

The fact that Lavrov’s check out arrives significantly less than a 7 days right after US Secretary of Condition Mike Pompeo’s very own attraction offensive in the 4 former Soviet Republics – Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – only included gasoline to the fireplace of speculation about Moscow’s symbolic reciprocation in Washington’s “backyard.”

The mere chance that Lavrov’s excursion could possibly be entirely unrelated to the US and have a lot more to do with Russian interests and insurance policies was not entertained.

In an interview to the Havana-primarily based Prensa Latina news company ahead of his check out, Lavrov pointed out that Russia and Cuba are doing work jointly on a total vary of huge-scale tasks in the fields of energy, transportation, communication, biotechnologies and even area.

“We cherish the fact that Cuban authorities give Russia a really exclusive purpose in modernization of their national overall economy,” the minister stated, praising the a long time-prolonged “traditions of friendship and cooperation.”

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Even nevertheless Mexico is just one of Moscow’s greatest buying and selling companions in the location, next only to Brazil, the past time a Russian international minister visited Mexico Town was in 2010.

“We have just one of the premier trade volumes in the location with Mexico as properly as a abundant cooperation agenda – specially in the field of science and technology,” Dmitry Razumovsky, from the Latin American Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, explained to RT. “This excursion was prolonged prepared to form out the concerns that accrued over the past many years.”

Lavrov’s agenda is a pragmatic just one.

Assembly with Mexico’s Overseas Minister Marcelo Ebrard also helps make sense in light-weight of the new Mexican federal government advocating a new social and financial system that would make them significantly less dependent on the US, stated Oleg Barabanov, a professor at the Russian High College of Economics.

As for Venezuela, Russia has “important investments” in oil and gas assets there, Andres Serbin of the Latin American imagine-tank CRIES and the Latin American Research Affiliation (LASA), explained to RT. Russia’s oil giant Rosneft in distinct has shares in five Venezuelan organizations. That does not imply Moscow is not intrigued in a tranquil option to the political crisis in Caracas, nevertheless.

“All worldwide actors associated in the Venezuelan crisis are likely seeking for a tranquil resolution,” Serbin stated.

Barabanov mentioned that Washington’s “blitzkrieg” system in Venezuela has proven ineffective, considering the fact that the US protégé Juan Guaido unsuccessful to overthrow President Maduro over the past yr. Now a window has opened for “enhancing contacts and acquiring financial tasks.”

“The aim is to make positive that [Russia and Venezuela] are on the very same website page and determine a new system of bilateral relations,” Barabanov explained to RT.

Relics of imperialism

While formal Washington has yet to respond to Lavrov’s excursion, past month the head of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Admiral Craig Faller, described Russia as a “malign actor” that has a hand in “deliberately” eroding balance in Latin The united states.

“The US usually attempts to depict Russia as an aggressor,” stated Egor Lidovsky from the Hugo Chavez Latin American lifestyle heart. “But Russia supports respectable governments by means of diplomatic and financial ties.”

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Even nevertheless it’s 2020, the US look at of Latin The united states appears trapped in the 1820s. The “archaic” Monroe doctrine – declaring the overall Western hemisphere America’s special place of interest – nevertheless holds say in Washington, Lavrov mentioned in the interview with Prensa Latina.

This primarily amounts to neo-colonialism, in accordance to Barabanov, as the US treats Latin American nations around the world as some variety of vassals, though Moscow believes they are impartial nations around the world and “nothing is essentially stopping Russia” from acquiring relations with them.

“The US fails to preserve in intellect that Latin The united states has prolonged been an impartial location,” stated Lidovsky.

Alternatively, Washington clings to insurance policies this kind of as sanctions. The two the 60-yr blockade of Cuba and the modern barrage of sanctions from Venezuela violate worldwide law and punish the normal inhabitants, even as the US states it “stands with the people” and from the “regimes” it wishes to overthrow.

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