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Tourist Guide on Moonlight State Beach

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Moonlight State Beach is a sandy beach off I-5 on the western side of Encinitas Blvd in San Diego. There is only a little space by the water during high tide. The beach becomes bigger during low tide. There are several ways to access the beach but the main entrance is on the Third and C streets.

If your children want to build sand castle, you can choose a spot on the sand by the water. This allows you to supervise your kids and you will also be able to help them to build sand castles at the same time. If you have older kids, you can select a spot in the middle near to the basketball and volleyball courts. There are also plenty of picnic tables for those who don’t want to sit on the sand.

Moonlight beach is a family friendly beach with various kinds of amenities. There are restaurants, ice cream vendors, food vendors and kiosks within a short walking distance. The main entrance has some volleyball nets where people play volleyball. There is a firepit where you can have bon fire with your friends at night.

Moonlight State Beach has a big playground equipped with swings, climbing structures, bridges, and slide. Most of the areas of the playground are sheltered so the metal bars will not be hot to touch during the afternoon. Most of the playground structures are designed for older kids. There are a few smaller swings designed for toddlers. Tables and benches are provided for parents to sit on. It also has a station where you can fill up your water bottle with water for free.

Moonlight State Beach is one of the few beaches that has a concession stand. The concession stand is run by Moonlight Beach Deli & Dogs. You can order various types of snacks like sandwich, hamburger, ice cream and pizza at the concession stand. There is also a shop where you can rent beach accessories like towel, chair, umbrella, kayaks, surf boards and boogie boards. You can rent the beach accessories at a 2 hour rate or whole day rate.

The rental hut that rents the beach accessories is located in between the shower room and life guard station. The shower rooms are always kept clean and provide lots of toilet papers. You will also find a changing room for kids. Changing tables are situated in between the two restrooms. If you want to cycle along the beach, you can rent bicycle from the nearby vendor.

The water at Moonlight State Beach has low to medium temperature. The water is often full of boogie boarders. If you are in the water, you must watch out for the boogie boarder. Moonlight State Beach is suitable for kids as it has gentle waves and shallow water. The sand is generally clean and comfortable for you to stretch out to relax. The lifeguards are alert and constantly patrolling the beach at the lifeguard tower.

The car park usually has lots of empty spaces in the weekdays. If you come in the weekend, you may have a hard time looking for a parking space. Free parking is available on the headland. You can also park by the street for free. The Encinitas train station is nearby so you can take a train to Moonlight State Beach if you don’t have a car.

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